Important notifications related to the company are listed here. Notifications may come from the SEC, exchanges such as the NYSE or NASDAQ or Watchdog Research. Examples of notifications include announcements of bankruptcy proceedings, company name changes, and noncompliance with SEC regulations or exchange rules.
Nanthealth has 3 notifications since 2016.
Event date Type Headline Message Source
06/24/2019 Noncompliance Noncompliant with NASDAQ Standards Noncompliant for market value of publicly held shares NASDAQ
05/06/2019 Noncompliance Noncompliant with NASDAQ Standards Noncompliant with bid price standards NASDAQ
01/16/2019 Noncompliance Noncompliant with NASDAQ Standards Noncompliant with bid price standards NASDAQ

Peer Group

Peer groups are used by companies to benchmark executive compensation and performance. Each company identifies its own peer group. Peer groups vary from company to company.

Peer Group

Company Ticker Market Cap Ltd. * SOHU $803m
GAN Limited * GAN $680m
Cinedigm * CIDM $376m
Innodata Inc. * INOD $213m
Jiayin Group Inc. * JFIN $203m
Nanthealth, Inc. NH $190m
Wisekey International Holding S.A. * WKEY $139m
Park City Group Inc. * PCYG $103m
Amesite Inc. * AMST $39.6m
BlueCity Holdings Ltd * BLCT $29.1m

Companies Who Named Nanthealth as a Peer

Company Ticker Market Cap
Castlight Health, Inc. CSLT $276m
Nanthealth, Inc. NH $190m
DLH Holdings DLHC $148m
* Suggested by Watchdog.


Peer Flag Comparison

The return to a company’s stock is not the only measure of executive performance. Ethics matter, and growth can quickly reverse and gains evaporate if a company’s accounting and financial reporting processes are not fundamentally sound and trustworthy. How does Nanthealth's accounting quality compare to its peer group?

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